What is Ra ZOOM?

The first version of FLOW is a virtual interlocutor who is an expert in logics and psychology and analyzes human speech, gives advice to the user and is capable of carrying out the following actions:

  • answer to the user’s questions;
  • analyze the user’s messages;
  • find people needed by the user;
  • asses the user’s messages and understand whether the phrases are correct and true;
  • define the topic, aim and emotions underlying the users’ messages;
  • make up statistics on the user and its neighbourhood; 
  • invite the user to discuss the topic in question in detail and from different perspectives;
  • make our the user’s aims and wishes;
  • assist in achieving the user’s aims and wishes;
  • state the way aim achievements are being accomplished;
  • remind the user of steps needed for aim achievement;
  • remember data important to the user;
  • track psychological imbalance and warn the user about such issues;
  • manage the app controls and the device.


The app is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.