• You can create an account by entering information about yourself (login, email).
  • You will be shown a greeting message, and then you will be able to read the application features review. 
  • After that the system will trigger a dialogue with the application (a questionnaire).
You will learn how to use the app by answering questions asked by the app avatar (it is carried out in the form of a questionnaire). It looks exactly like a dialogue happening in the main chat with the app avatar. 
User can choose one of three app avatars in the main menu.
The main menu consists of chat window for ‘communication’ with the system, the app avatar, the Cube menu and Neighbourhood.
In the Cube menu you will see your environment segmented into 22 groups.
Here you will see all your friends nearby available for talking.
The system analyzes all your dialogues with other users and makes up statistics that helps utilize your communications in the most efficient way.